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Emergency Care

Dental emergencies can strike at any time, causing pain and stress. At Montgomery dental MD clinic 24/7 emergency service is provided to the patients. Our dedicated team of emergency dentists in Montgomery helps you get rid of emergency problems. Some of the dental emergencies include chipped or broken teeth, lost filling, toothache, knocked-out teeth, and some others. To get instant relief from this kind of dental emergency consult or call a dentist to reduce pain and get relief. If the problem is serious you must visit the dentist. Emergency service is always available in a dental clinic. With the latest dental equipment, dentists will solve your problem within a short period of time whether it may be a dental emergency or a general dental problem. The well-trained dentists will provide emergency treatment to the patients with comfort and safety. They make every patient feel relaxed listen to them and provide the treatment with the best oral care.

We have provided an emergency number to call for a dentist and explain your problem. You can book an appointment before you visit the dentist. It may be easy for you to consult a dentist after the appointment is booked.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

When crunching hard substances that don't dissolve or melt, results in broken teeth. No need to worry, a broken tooth can be saved. The instant step is to call for a dental clinic and make an appointment. The dentist will attach a white filling to your broken teeth to match your original teeth. if the break is serious it results in a root canal treatment and a dental crown.


Toothache is a pain that occurs around a tooth. It may be caused due to gum irritation, infection in the tooth, tooth decay, injury, or loss of teeth. Call a dentist and explain to him or her your problem. If the pain is severe you must consult a dentist for treatment. After the checkup, the dentist will make sure about your treatment which suits your problem.

Knocked out tooth

If a tooth is knocked out try to put it back in the same place and consult a dentist immediately. Do not try to re-insert the tooth. it may cause bleeding from the gums. Put the tooth in milk and consult a dentist for emergency care. The dentist will check the tooth and clean the affected area and fits the knocked-out tooth into the correct position

Badly bitten lip or tongue

Tongue biting is accidentally happens while chewing the food quickly. These are severe in adults. Healing time mostly depends on the injury. Tongue bite or lip bite requires a lot of medical attention, becuase it takes several weeks to heal. If any bleeding occurs you need to consult a dentist.

Something stuck between teeth

if any substance is stucked in between the tooth, take a wooden tooth pick and gently slide it between the teeth where the object is plunjed. Now it creates a space based on the substance. you can floss and rinse your mouth with warm water. if the substance dosen't come out and causes irritation consult a dentist.

Lost filling

If a dental filling falls out, make sure to meet your dentist. Waiting too longer may lead to several dental issues like tooth decay and infections. Keep the area clean until you consult a dentist and eat limited food. after the visit the dentist will clean the area and replace another filling