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Dental Bonding

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the bonding of teeth. Dental Bonding is the process that is used to fill the gaps between the teeth. Dental bonding is used to restore every person's smile. During this process, the dentist will fill a tooth-coloured resin between the teeth to fill the gaps, and further this resin is covered all the gaps between the teeth and improves the appearance of the teeth. Not only gaps dental bonding also helps to restore cracked or damaged teeth.

This dental bonding procedure does not require any planning. If you explain the problem to the dentist, he will understand the problem and provide the correct treatment that is needed for your teeth. Dental Bonding involves the procedure of Cosmetic dentistry because it will improve the appearance of your teeth and looks. Dental Bonding makes you smile confidently.

  • Apply the resin and shape the bonding material
  • Doesn’t typically require anesthesia
  • Fast procedure and doesn’t require any downtime
  • Doesn’t have any major risks
  • It lasts up to 8 years

The bonding process:

In this process, the dentist uses a tooth-coloured resin that slightly matches your teeth. The surface of the tooth is cleaned and a conditioning liquid is applied to the tooth, which helps the bonding material stick to the tooth and he will adjust the material correctly into the gap and smoothen the shape of the tooth. After this process, the dentist will use a light that covers resin with a harder substance that matches your teeth, and finally, the dentist will clean the surface of the teeth and reshape the teeth. This procedure takes 40-60 minutes.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are cosmetic dentistry the treatment takes place when teeth are unfinished in shape and mismatched coloured the dental veneers procedure is needed for that patient. the dental veneers improve your smile and face look. The dental veneers are shells bonded within the front of your teeth.

Types of Dental Veneers

now dental veneers are available in different types of material most commonly used veneers are porcelain and resin composite materials. porcelain veneers materials are better than resin material, porcelain material is very reliable and less expensive than resin veneers. veneers also have better light-reflecting properties like natural teeth. In a dental hospital, you have to choose which type of veneers were matched to your teeth by consulting of dentist in Montgomery

  • These are thin and custom made
  • It requires more than one visit
  • Permanently bonded to your teeth.
  • stronger and longer-lasting
  • Improve the appearance of a person’s teeth

procedure :

Dental veneers procedure completed in 3 visits in dentist in Montgomery. In 1st visit for consultation and dentist decides which type of dental veneers are used for your teeth, in second visit to apply the veneers to your teeth, the dental veneers can bounded one or more teeth at the same time


Treatment planning

During the 1st consultancy, your dentist will check your teeth and which dental veneers was suited for your teeth and explained the total procedure to you, and takes an x-ray of your mouth and teeth


The veneers were prepared by your teeth size .your dentist prepared to reshape your teeth for fixing the veneers on your teeth .our dentist will help you with which dental veneer was suited for your tooth. the selected model was given to the laboratory it takes a minimum of two weeks of time.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is also one of the procedures in the cosmetic dentistry process. It was the process of removing stains from the teeth surface and restoring the natural colour of the teeth through cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is the most common and widely adopted cosmetic dentistry procedure with advanced dental technology. It is a one-time procedure done by dentists. By using advanced whitening treatment procedures you can restore reliable and long-lasting results. The main goal of teeth whitening is to restore a good smile and improve self-confidence.

To shut out Discolored Tooth :

  • Brush and floss your mouth twice every day.
  • Keep your tongue clean every day.
  • Refuse smoking and chewing tobacco
  • Curb down on your intake of caffeine or other acidic beverages.
  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash to swish your mouth.

why teeth Whitening procedures needs

The enamel which gives the natural colour of the teeth can strain and yellow. some causes are prevented through different procedures and some of the Few causes of discolouration are Frequently Consuming tea, coffee, wine, cola Regularly smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco High quantity of fluoride intake during childhood Damage of permanent teeth due to met with an accident With the age, the dentin comes in contact with certain food and beverage it can stain your teeth using Certain medical treatments can also contribute to the staining of teeth The process of Teeth Whitening clears the stain from teeth and makes your teeth look brighter.More over the results may vary from person to person.